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EKOTHERMA TRNAVA is concerned with supplying of fasteners to manufacturing and commercial companies, from whom the majority exports its range of products to foreign countries from all over the world. Our range of products includes about 20000 items of fasteners kept on stock and more than 30000 items available on request.
Since its origin in January 1996 has EKOTHERMA TRNAVA recorded progressive expansion that is markable in constant increasing volume of the monthly turnover, raising number of employees as well as in field of further commercial activities. The high level of the provided services proves the fact that our company has been certified according Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008.
The headquarter of the company occures in Trnava close to the speedway D1 from Vienna/Bratislava to the North of Slovakia, only 500 m from the area of the automotive plant PSA Peugeot-Citröen as well as near to locations of other international companies e.g. Menzolit-Fibron, Sachs, Johns Manville etc. Our suitable location determines us to supply partners and firms from Bratislava, Nitra, Trenčín etc. as well. Constant attention that we pay to the merchadise quality as well as to the timeliness and the exactness of deliveries makes us a preferred supplier of many prestigious partners.
Except of the progress which in our terms we call intensive we seek for keeping the extensive progress too. The prove is the fact that we have openned a subsidiary in Žilina, Budweiss- Czech republic, Martin, Košice and Zlín - Czech republic. The main activity of the firm is oriented onto the domestic market where we register over 450 faithful customers.
The corporate strategy and the firm´s ambitions bound behind the borders of Slovak republic are nowadays pursued in form of purchase from countries of the European Union and from Asia too. In the future we intend to deepen the cooperation with the current suppliers and we would like to extend the acquaintance.

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